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We’re pleased that dedicated X-Plained member Freddy De Pues from NAPS had the time to share his X-Plane 11 screenshots with us as well as what issues he has faced. Yes, we’re all aware that X-Plane 11 is still in beta or in the case of Freddy’s screenshots, from the Public Beta.

This is Fred’s first look and feel of X-Plane 11, but perhaps Fred hasn’t seen all the new features or perhaps not everything isn’t yet implemented. Anyway, this is Fred’s idea so far:

  • Crashes a lot on startup with Custom Scenery at 257GB. At the end, you get the welcome screen anyway.
  • XP10 Custom Scenery transfer or import, no problem, aircraft imports, don’t work. (didn’t try HD3 Mesh).
  • Longer scenery loading time.
  • Better FPS than in XP10.
  • Hazy atmosphere.
  • Contrails at lower altitudes.
  • European autogen buildings have a German look everywhere.
  • Selecting FOV you see what you get (angle of view).
  • Nice preselected Chinese hat views, pan right, left, and up and down!
  • No change in water or waves. Same weather engine.
  • Less graphic tunings.

Overall impression not many differences with XP10, but what said, perhaps not all is implemented yet or Fred needs a couple more flying hours to see all the “new” ins and outs. Many thanks Fred for your input!