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Wow, this could be an interesting news post; Flight Factor Professional Extended liveries and cockpit textures.

On behalf of fscabral, we’re pleased to inform you that we added more of his X-Plane 11 paint work to our collection. We all know the updated Flight Factor / StepToSky 767 Professional Extended, right? Fscabral did some awesome paints for this updated/new X-plane aircraft. He painted several liveries and he also did some changes with the cockpit textures. Because of the new added aircraft type packages (FF 767), we rearranged the menu for liveries from fascabral and reordered them in FlightFactor 767, FlightFactor 777, FlightFactor A350.

I hope you like the new packages from fscabral. Curious? Keep in mind before heading the menu item “Downloads/lLiveries/fscabral (All)” that you need to be a registered simmers to download his packages. Enjoy!