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We’re happy to offer you on behalf of Fabio (fscabral), some exclusive cockpit weathered textures of the SSG (Supercritical Simulation Group) Boeing 747-8.

Ok, what is this all about?
On my own request and with the help of Leen de Jager, Fabio recreated the default SSG 747-8 cockpit textures. Although the textures has been improved a lot, I still missed the “used” look and feel. I’m also aware that this is a personal feeling. I’ve seen many aircraft in my life, and yes, brand new air raft have a clean cockpit, but within no time each cockpit has on several places scratches, dents, dirty carpet thus it gets the real weathered look.

With that in mind – my wish – and with the help of Leen de Jager, Fabio made a great looking used or if you wish a weathered cockpit. At many places in the cockpit you’ll find scratches on painted objects, dirty spots, etc.

You’re curious how it looks like?
Then you must check our dedicated download page with screenshots and above all, the download package, but remember that the download is only available for registered users. Have fun with these weathered cockpit textures.