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FTU Advanced Clouds + ASXP HiRes Cloud Textures

Oops, for those who don’t know what all those abbreviations mean … FTU mean FlyAGI Tweaker Utility and ASXP stands for Active Sky for X-Plane. Anyway, FlyAGI Tweak Utility main menu can be opened by clicking on the menu helper ‘Tweak Utility Options’ on the lower right corner of the screen or by using the FlyWithLua macros menu (X-Plane menu bar > Plugins > FlyWithLua > Macros > FlyAgi Tweak Utility). The main page gives access to the essential performance and visual tweaks and links to submenus if configuration items are more complex – I will explain the different submenus and what they can do later.

The utility will always store the menu page last opened for quick access to submenus so you will get back to the menu page you have been in before closing the main menu. The menu can be closed by clicking on the button ‘Save + Close Menu’ or by clicking on the helper again. In both cases everything will get saved.

These screenshots show you the combination of the FTU utility in combination with ActiveSky package (HiFi Simulations Technologies).

According to Agi “Possibly the best cloud visuals I’ve seen in X-Plane 11 – and faster then everything else. The first shot shows the clouds setting I used for the screenshots. And just in case you’re lost .. check out these exclusive screenshots, provided to you by Agi from FlyAGI.”