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Let me first start with …….

On behalf of the whole X-Plained team – Marc, Freddy, Jude, Rick and Angelique – I would like to thank everybody for this first half year being in the air. It also gives me the opportunity on behalf of all, to wish you happy holidays. Enjoy the holiday season, enjoy the flying or modelling.

I’m pleased to see what we’ve reached in this half year. The member list is still growing on a daily base, although we don’t offer constant reviews/impressions, but we do offer high quality reviews/impressions instead which will take more time to test, write, and publish. By the way, before the end of the year we will publish Jude Bradley’s comprehensive review of FunnerFlight KLAX version 2.0, and depending on the availability of a new update, another comprehensive impression of Peters Aircraft VFW-Fokker 614.

Happy Holidays to All of You!