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At X-Plained.Com we’re reviewing all kind of products, ranging from software aircraft, airports, scenery, utility add-ons and what else more. Some are chosen by us, some are written on request.

I’m sure you know what we all do regarding reviews. But, not often, there’s also a need to review some new hardware and this time we had the possibility to review the Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Flight Control unit. Since Saitek was taken over by Logi, we missed the Saitek Pro Flight equipment and belonging products and this gap is slowly taken over by Honeycomb Aeronautical.

The reviewed product, the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls is a GA aircraft look alike device with switches, buttons and an engine selector. I was a bit curious what to expect and therefore, I contacted Aerosoft. It was worth my time to review this piece of hardware from US manufacture Honeycomb Aeronautical. It was fun reviewing it due to the used material and thus the overall quality and what else I found out during the testing. Curious what our personal reporter Angelique van Campen has to say about this piece of hardware?

Check it out via this in-depth review link. Enjoy the reading and comments or suggestions are always welcome.