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Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen received from Aerosoft some awesome helicopter hardware equipment; the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA. Together with the help of the Pro Flight Trainer team she was able to master helicopters in a professional way. This helicopter hardware is really topnotch quality, made of durable materials and much easier to fly helicopters than with regular hardware like joysticks and so on.

According to Angelique “Yes, one word is enough … awesome equipment for those who love to fly or to master helicopters. It’s clearly different hardware and can be used with several flight simulators – thus not only for X-Plane – and when I say “clearly different hardware” then I mean the overall quality, the used materials, the way it is designed and not to forget, the support in case you need assistance from the Pro Flight Trainer team.”

She continues “Although I only tested it with X-Plane 11 with macOS and Windows, I’m impressed how it looks like, but also how it is manufactured, and not to forget how it is painted. The cables that connect all the individual sensors to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) are of high quality with a nice and protective shielding around it. Besides all of that, you’ve got lots of possibilities to adjust the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA to your needs, your overall body length, your leg length and so on.”

It was worth her time, effort and be able to fly helicopters. This resulted in a comprehensive review with lots of ins and outs of the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA. I hope you like the review. Feel free to comment.