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Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen received from the Pro Flight Trainer team the Toe Brake Modification (TBM) kit. In conjunction with the from Aerosoft received the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA., this TBM kit adds a toe brake function to the helicopter equipment.

According to Angelique “What’s the importance of the Pro Flight Trainer TBM kit? It makes sense that when you add the TBM to the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA, you have toe brakes which can be handy when you prefer to fly the larger helicopters that have wheels and brakes. But there’s another advantage that I mentioned before: you can also use it due to the presence of the toe brakes for fixed wing aircraft and although I said it would perfectly fit with historical fighters, it will work fine with any other aircraft type.”

And she adds “Real helicopter pilots will say to me “she’s crazy, this is dedicated high quality helicopter hardware what you don’t use for fixed-wing aircraft” and in a sense they are right. But here’s me “simmers who want to fly helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, they will have awesome equipment to fly both types”.

It was worth Angelique’s her time, effort and be able to fly helicopters with wheels and brakes. This resulted in an in-depth review of the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA with TBM kit. I hope you like the review. Feel free to comment.