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We’re pleased to inform you that X-Plained has updated as far as we’ve seen, the Hawaii airports from Freddy De Pues or also knowns as the North Pacific and Atlantic Sceneries (NAPS) group.

Most of them are now X-plane 11 compatible which is good news. Find below the NAPS collection we have for you, as well as the NAPS library which is, besides others, also needed.

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We offer the following NAPS packages:
Ford Island version 2.0 (X-Plane 11 compliant)
Dillingham Airfield (PHDH) version 4.0 (X-Plane 11 compliant)
Hana Airport (PHHN) version 6.0 (X-Plane 11 compliant)
Hilo International Airport (PHTO) version 3.0 (X-Plane 11 compliant)
Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) version 5.1 (X-Plane 11 compliant)
Kahului International Airport (PHOG) version 7.0 (X-Plane 11 compliant)
Kona International Airport (PHKO) version 4.0 (X-Plane 11 compliant)
Lihua Airport (PHLI) version 4.0 (X-Plane 11 compliant)

NAPS Library version 3.0