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Hold Advisor

We proudly present to you from Alan Wright (Teignmouth) his “hold advisor” ….. a quick and easy means of obtaining the correct join path to fly to enter a hold. You always wanted to fly the perfect holding? From now on this is possible with the “Holding Pattern Calculator for Virtual Pilots, courtesy of SWFSG (South West Flight Simulation)”.

According to Alan Wright aka Teignmouth “copy the HoldAdvisor.amw file to your PC; rename (right click and select RENAME from pop-up menu) the HoldAdvisor.amw file to be HoldAdvisor.exe; you WILL get a stability warning but say yes; create a shortcut if wanted. Downloaded .exe (executable) files may trigger your PC security. Sorry, at the moment only for Windows X-Plane simmers.”

“The software is totally stand-alone and so can be placed anywhere accessable, either on or off the PC. Note there is no link to the flight sim and so it does not know where you are or any details of the hold or the ambient wind conditions so you still have to do some work. I think use is self-explanatory, however, there is a help button which gives some clues.”

Right clicking on the HoldAdvisor window will cause a pop-up menu to show. the current functions are:

  1. Select Colours – Allows most colours to be customised
  2. Reset Colours – puts the colours back to MY preferences
  3. Reset Window Positions – ensures all 3 windows used are all on the main display; only useful if you change your display layout.
  4. Float Guidance. if unticked, guidance is shown in the main window, clicking this menu item will hide the main form and show the guidance in a smaller, moveable & sizeable window. NB the pop-up menu is also available from here – right click on the text.
  5. Close HoldAdvisor – closes the program!

This program uses a file: “C:\HoldAdvisor.ini” to store data in – window data and colours. One will be created, using default data, if it cannot be found so deleting or renaming this file will also revert all reference data to defaults.

Have fun,
Alan Wright(Teignmouth)

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