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JustSim Klagenfurt Airport

Flying to Klagenfurt from Ireland is not a long flight and that’s what our reviewer Jude Bradley had in mind … visiting JustSim Klagenfurt Airport and city (LOWK). According to Jude “Although this is a small airport, with little flights in reality, there are quite a few gems here and theres’ so much more. You can read Jude’s review via this link.

Take Command! IXEG 737 Classic

Our dedicated reviewer Jude Bradley takes a dive into the world of the IXEG Boeing 737 Classic. According to Jude “I cannot be but blown away by how smooth this aircraft is, the knobs and buttons move flawlessly and the framerates are excellent. The immersion factor is superb on this model and it’s the Gold Standard in X-Plane at this time.” But Jude has to say so much more. Therefore you must read his comprehensive review at X-Plained.

Part I of the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster

There’s a lot to write about the PMDG Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster. I’ve decided to split my Cloudmaster impression in two parts. Today I’m pleased to present to your part I of the in-depth look / feel of the PMDG DC-6A/B. Check out our comprehensive part I PMDG Cloudmaster impression.

Pullmann-Moscow Regional

Angelique van Campen visits Pullmann-Moscow Regional Airport (KPUW) and takes a closer look how it’s all made. Impressive, wow, good looking … these are some of the words she has when thoroughly inspected this regional airport, including the city of Pullman and 60 km2 ortho-photo ground textures. Check out her KPUW impressions.

Douglas DC-8-61 Belga Livery

Another surprise for you … it’s an exclusive Belga painting for the Douglas DC-8-61 and besides that, Marc included modified cabin / cockpit and service equipment texture files. Curious how this painting looks like? Check out this exclusive screenshot link and only for registered users, the Belga DC-8-61 package.













Richmond International Airport

Marc Leydecker, yes, you know Marc a.k.a Belga12345 and for me, the SketchUp guru responsible for other great airport projects. Marc is pleased to inform you that, finally, his creation of the Richmond International Airport (KRIC) is ready and being released via X-Plane.Org. Your personal reporter Angelique has tried to find out all the ins and outs of KRIC. You can read her in-depth impression via this link.

Carenado TBM850 G1000

Rick Verhoog, our Carenado/Alabeo G1000 review specialist, is pleased to offer you an in-depth review of the Carenado TBM850 G1000. The TBM850 may not be as well-known as some of Carenado’s other creations, but it certainly is a welcome addition to the roster of X-Plane General Aviation aircraft. But Rick has so much more to tell. Therefore, I encourage you to read Rick’s comprehensive review.

ZonePhoto ... the ZL16 Photo Real Scenery

I felt I needed to write a short impression about photo-real sceneries. A perfect alternative are the packages from ZonePhoto. Although a ZL16 packages aren’t of the same quality as ZL17, it’s still a nearly perfect alternative to download, implement and explore you own flying area in X-Plane 10 scenery. At the end of this short impression, you’ll be amazed that it was worth the downloading. Read Angelique’s impression at X-Plained.

Dallas Fort Worth – American’s Country

Jude Bradley sees many challenges in Tom Curtis his Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW). According to Jude “Tom has paid major attention to detail with this product, and all types of aviation are catered for here. Whether you are a GA, Freight-Dog or Passenger Hauler, there is something in this airport for you.” Check out his in-depth KDFW review.

vFlyteair Piper Cherokee 140

What will it be this time …. the vFlyteAir Piper Cherokee PA28-140 Series. Oops, that’s and old, almost historical aircraft, but it must be said, it’s very well modeled and flies like an angel. If it flies like an angel and if it’s well modeled, that’s the task of Angelique van Campen who tries to find out all the ins and outs of this old-fashioned vFlyteAir GA aircraft. I would say … time to check out Angelique’s in-depth Cherokee 140 impressions.

Wow, that's the PMDG DC-6B AA

While busy with my PMDG Douglas DC-6A/B review/impression, I’m flying on a regular to test out the system, aircraft behaviour and so on. Some of these flights are more or less VFR based so no further navigation is needed while other flights are using Garmin GNS equipment. Whatever I go for, I thought it would be a nice idea to offer you some screenshots of this remarkable PMDG aircraft. Check out these exclusive screenshots.

Arturo Merino Benitez Airport

From the makers of Virtual design 3D, and presented to you by Aerosoft and ASN X-Plane, I’m pleased to offer you an inside look in the recent released international airport Arturo Merino Benitez (SCEL). I think this quick look with some thoughts and compliments should give you an idea of the well modelled airport of Santiago. You can read all about Angelique’s findings via this impression link.

vFlyteAir Cirrus SR20

Angelique never heard of the Cirrus SR20, but this latest model from vFlyteAir got my attention. According to Angelique “What else can we say about the latest vFlyteAir Cirrus SR20 X-Plane 10 model? Quite simply – extraordinary 3D aircraft modeling. It’s really 3D modeling at a high level. Nice talk, but now back to reality .. how is it? You can read all about it via this in-depth impression link.

Douglas DC-8-61 NAPS Livery

Simmers who are NAPS (North Atlantic & Pacific Sceneries) airport enthousiasts and also own the Douglas DC-8 Series from Michael Wilson, for those we’re pleased to offer you an exclusive NAPS painting from Marc Leydecker. Curious how it looks like? Then check out this screenshot link and of course, only for registered users, the NAPS DC-8-61 package. For the package, log in and go to the downloads livery menu item.













Alabeo PA32R Saratoga II TC

Do I like the Saratoga II TC model or do I prefer the older Carenado Saratoga SP? Without doubts I would go for this one. The 3D cockpit is nicely modeled, looking good with not too much weathering although the throttle stand has some scratches. But there’s so much more then I like it, and it’s worth it. You can read here comprehensive impression via this link. Enjoy!

Flight Factor/StepToSky 767-300ER

Rick Verhoog takes a closer look, no, he’s taking a in-depth inspection in the Flight Factor/StepToSky Boeing 767-300ER Series. It’s amazing and you will not regret it if you’re not set against Flight Factor/StepToSky. Yes, it may possess some features that you may dislike, but these can all be circumvented, and they don’t take away from the amazing core of the 767-300ER. Curious what Rick has to say more? Read Rick’s comprehensive review via this link.

Nimbus “Chicago O’Hare”

Our dedicated reviewer Jude Bradley flew to KORD or better known as Chicago O’Hare Airport to check out the modelled airport from Nimbus. According to Jude “It fills a gap in the market for mid-U.S Sceneries. It’s well worth the price. The performance is very good even taking into account the aircraft I tested this with. In short, this is a good airport and yes, I would definitely recommend it.” Curious? Via this review link you can read all about it.

I Love MCR

Attention … attention …. on special request … brought back to life, the impressive airport design from the Icarus Development team … Manchester Airport. Staff reviewer and reviews editor Jude Bradley flies from his home town to Manchester Airport and it seems he’s quite happy with the end result. And “Although not a large airport by international standards, it’s still a great addition to the X-Plane family and well worth the purchase.” You can read all about Jude’s review. Want to see more screenshots? Check out this I Love MCR.

X-Crafts Embraer E-175

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen is enthusiastic when it comes to the X-Crafts Embraer E175. There’s a lot to explore, so I invite you to check out here comprehensive impression of this medium size aircraft. It’s very well modelled with a lot of tiny details as wlel as that weathering is included to give it a realistic look and feel. You can read all about the impression via this link.

Airfoillabs C172S SP

Your personal reporter Angelique had a thorough look into the Airfoillabs Cessna C172S SP. All together a complex impression of a relatively small GA aircraft. Therefore, I warn you; it’s an in-depth review with many items discussed. Check it out at X-Plained. Additional close-up in-flight screenshots can be found too.

Rio de Janeiro-Galeão

Ever been to Rio de Janerio? Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen took a flight and flew to Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro-Galvão (SBGL). Why? To check out the modelled replica from X-Plane developer Richard G. Nunes. And …. was it worth the long oversees flight? You can read Angelique’s comprehensive impression here at X-Plained. Enjoy!

Alabeo Titan C404 Ambassador

When Angelique says “Cessna Titan 404”, I could mean old and rusty or not? Let me refresh your memory a little bit …. the Cessna 404 was a development of the Cessna 402 with an enlarged vertical tail and other changes. This question and the belonging answer and much more can be found in this comprehensive review published for you at ASN X-Plane.

Lotnisko Chopina

A day at EPWA … any idea which airport this is? When you’re a Polish simmer, you probably know which airport I mean, otherwise there’s a big chance you don’t have a clue! But that will change after you’ve taken the time to read this comprehensive Drzewiecki Design Chopin International Airport impression. No more words needed. Just follow this impression link.


X-Plane 11 UHD Mesh Scenery v4 1.0.0

On behalf of alpilotx, we're pleased to inform you that they have released a brand new UHD package for X-Plane 11. UHD Mesh Scenery v4 can be seen as a vastly improved version of the default scenery shipping with XP11. It is using/referencing the exact same set of...

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Carenado CT210M Centurion II for X-Plane 11

We're pleased to inform you on behalf of Carenado, that they have released a brand new X-Plane 11 GA aircraft. the CT210M Centurion II. The aircraft is only and only for X-Plane 11. It's as we know from Carenado a state-of-the-art configurable FPS-friendly logic...

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JARDesign A330 v3 Review

You've waited long for this, we've all waited for this as well as your dedicated X-Plained reporter/reviewer Andy Clarke. Andy took a look into the JARDesign A330 version 3. Not just "a" look, a thorough look to be honest on how this renewed X-Plane 11 aircraft works,...

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x737 EADT 373-700 Screenshots

For our special Boeing 737 Series e-Newsletter we've added - logically - the X737project 737-700 series. This freeware aircraft is presented by the European Aircraft Developer Team (EADT) and not only comes with the -700 series, but also with the -800 series. This...

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Zibo 737-800 mod Impression

This Boeing 737 model needs attention too although the origin of the aircraft is the default X-Plane 11 737-800, but these people has modified the aircraft a lot which can be seen on these exclusive screenshots. Ok, what and who is the Zibo 737-800? The centre is all...

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Aerosoft NavDataPro AIRAC Cycle 1805

Aerosoft released on April 26th  a new AIRAC Cycle 1805 for their NavDataPro. For operationally significant changes in information, the cycle known as the AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) cycle is used: revisions are produced every 56 days...

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Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 1805

Another Navigraph AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) period starting on April 26th, 2018. Let’s give some background information about the AIRAC Cycle. The AIRAC cycle was adopted in 1964 and further improved over the years. Key are the worldwide...

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Moved to France

It has been very quiet for a while although Paul Beckwith wrote many many reviews for you and the X-Plane community. And that’s it. Angelique, your personal reporter didn’t write anything this year. Why you could ask? Angelique and partner emigrated this year from the...

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Registration Disabled!

Registration is temporarily unavailable.I, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen apologise for any inconvenience. Last week was a crazy week in respect to X-Plained.Com. Worldwide complex and bruce force attacks are high according to Wordfence which is our gate...

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Orbx London City Airport for X-Plane 12

We're pleased to share with you the following Orbx news .....Orbx is proud to present an unforgettable aviation adventure to one of the most iconic airports in Great Britain - London City Airport for X-Plane 12. With its newly updated layout and state-of-the-art...

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Aircraft Review | VSkyLabs M-7-235B

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith explored the VSkyLabs Maule M-7-235B Project aircraft for X-Plane 12. As on owner said "My Maule is a fairly straightforward airplane to fly—but a very nuanced and difficult airplane to fly well. I am constantly working on...

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Aircraft Review | Thranda Stationairs

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith checked out the oil level, the fuel quality, the different instruments and so much more of the Thranda Design Cessna Stationair 675 / Grand Stationair 208B. Actually, Paul checked out the whole models and did sao many checks that...

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Airport Review | Axonos-Orbx Owen Roberts

X-Plained.Com is pleased to offer you an in-depth review from Axonos/Orbx Grand Cayman Owen Roberts Airport written by Paul Beckwith. The Owen Roberts International Airport is the main entry point for the Cayman Islands that feature an airport on each of the three...

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Orbx Brisbane Package for X-Plane 12

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith has to travel a lot. This time Paul visits Brisbane, Aussie from Orbx. A long flight, yes, that true, but it was worth the time, the investment and the "inspection".According to Paul "Without a doubt, the first Landmarks package...

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Simulator Review | X-Plane 12

We're pleased to inform you that your passionate reviewers Paul Beckwith and Angelique van Campen checked out X-Plane 12. We don't call it a review but more an overview of what X-Plane 12 will bring. As of this writing, December 2022, X-Plane 12 just went official....

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Utility Review | SkyScout for X-Plane

Your personal reporter and dedicated reviewer Angelique van Campen is pleased to inform you that she made it. Yes, she finished a comprehensive review of XPlane Aviator SkyScout.Angelique says "It wasn't an easy review. It took a while to get the right flow. That has...

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Utility Review | SAM World Jetways

Your personal reporter and reviewer Angelique van Campen virtually travelled around the world to check out Stairport SAM World Jetways. She visited default Laminar Research airports, but also a lot of payware add-on airports. The last one she visited for her...

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Cockpit Impression JARDesign A345

On behalf of the JARDesign team and Evgeny Romanov we’re pleased to offer you some screenshots of their A340-500. As for now, the A345 project is still beta thus all screenshot are still under development and work in progress. We would like to offer you also some...

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WIP JARDesign A340-500 Series

On behalf of the JARDesign Group I'm please to offer you some exclusive screenshots of there WORK IN PROGRESS A340-500 Series. As you all know, JARDesign offers the A330 and the A320Neo and with all their knowledge, they've started a while ago with the development of...

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Impression Carenado Fokker F50

I’m aware that I love Fokker aircraft. Yes, I’m also aware that Fokker doesn’t exist anymore as it was in the good old days at Schiphol-East. Anyway, I know the Fokker F27, but more familiar with t5he Fokker F28. While being a mechanic with Martinair, I worked on the...

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Exclusive Screenshots Cheyenne II

During these days it's fun to fly over my own country. In my case that's the Netherlands, Europe (for those simmers who have no idea where the Netherlands are situated). It gives me a moment to relax, a moment to test all the aircraft I have in my huge hangar.This...

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Carenado’s Saab 340, so beautiful

No no, this is not a comprehensive review, and it’s also not an in-depth impression although it’s an exclusive screenshot impression I made today, February 28th while test flying in Germany. It was during this short flight, departing from ShortFinal Design...

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Photo-real Norway From East to West

The following exclusive screenshots are representing a flight from East to West which are left-over screenshots from a “test” flight I did from ENHA to ENOV, near the coast. Some other screenshots will be used in my Norwegian review Part II where I review the freeware...

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FTU plus ASXP Clouds

FTU Advanced Clouds + ASXP HiRes Cloud TexturesOops, for those who don’t know what all those abbreviations mean … FTU mean FlyAGI Tweaker Utility and ASXP stands for Active Sky for X-Plane. Anyway, FlyAGI Tweak Utility main menu can be opened by clicking on the menu...

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Exclusive X-Codr Sedona Screenshots

Welcome to America’s Most Scenic Airport! Sedona Airport (KSEZ) is located in Sedona Arizona, a popular tourist destination for Arizona tourists. Due to its location atop a 500 foot mesa Sedona Airport is a destination that pilots often go out of their way to land...

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Munich Winter Wonder World

In-between the many things your personal reporter Angelique van Campen does on my iMac on a daily base, is trying to find some time to visit SFD EDDM and preparing herself to start with the Short Final Design EDDM review. Today, Saturday February 2nd, she found some...

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Impression ShortFinalDesign EDDM

Short Final Design, known from many payware and freeware airports. The designer/developer behind SFD is also MisterX, known from his famous MisterX6 Library and much more.Anyway, this page deals with the high quality and accurate modeled EDDM or Munich Airport or also...

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Hold Advisor by Alan Wright

We proudly present to you from Alan Wright (Teignmouth) his “hold advisor” ….. a quick and easy means of obtaining the correct join path to fly to enter a hold. You always wanted to fly the perfect holding? From now on this is possible with the “Holding Pattern...

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Belga12345 refreshed Saitek FIPs

We’re pleased to offer you, on behalf of Marc Leydecker aka Belga12345, his remodelled, renewed, refreshing Saitek FIP (Flight Instrument Panel(s). At X-Plained we’re exited about what Marc did. Yes, we all know Marc from his gorgeous airports, and once and a while...

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Belga tutorial … Saitek FIP Interface Part 2

At we're pleased to offer you part 2 of Marc Leydecker (Belga12345) his Saitek FIP (Flight Instrument Panel) adventure. This time Marc. Starts with "A picture tells a thousand words …. The screenshots used in this part2 tutorial are of a Bendix King...

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Roger2009 “DC-9-30 Series”

Good old workhorse, the Douglas DC-9-30 Series. Angelique van Campen explores Roger2009 his Dc-9-30 Series. Although I've written a while ago this product story, I found it worth to pinpoint it again on the highlight X-Plained list. Ah! The good old days of the...

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Interesting Stuff

X-Plane 11 Presentation – Part I

Laminar Research, creator of the X-Plane flight simulator franchise, is proud to announce the next version of its flagship desktop simulation product, X-Plane 11.

Watch X-Plane’s Presentation from Cosford.
If you weren’t able to attend Flight Sim 2016 in Cosford over the weekend, you can still catch the presentation that Austin Meyer, creator of X-Plane, and Ben Supnik, lead developer, gave at the conference.

X-Plane 11 Presentation – Part II

Laminar Research, creator of the X-Plane flight simulator franchise, is proud to announce the next version of its flagship desktop simulation product, X-Plane 11.

Watch X-Plane’s Presentation from Cosford.
And with this second YouTube movie the X-Plane 11 story continues. With a wealth of information, Austin and Ben try to offer the audience the latest information about X-Plane, but above all, what you, me and all others can expect from X-Plane 11. Enjoy part II.

JARDesign DeLuxe

JARDesign is pleased to offer you a movie on how to deal with their XDL (X-Life DeLuxe) traffic plugin for Windows and Mac OS. It covers a demo flight from EDDM (Munich International Airport) to LOWW (Vienna International Airport) with full functionality of the X-Life traffic plugin.

Additional information of the freeware and payware X-Life DeLuxe plugin can be found at our recent released comprehensive review at X-Plained. Check it out yourself.

X-Plane 11 – Lighting, Reflection and Fog

Laminar Research, creator of the X-Plane flight simulator franchise, is proud to announce the next version of its flagship desktop simulation product, X-Plane 11.

X-Plane 11 continues the evolution of the desktop version of X-Plane. Over the years it has always been the policy of Laminar Research to continually improve X-Plane, providing the most realistic flight simulation available, with flight modeling so accurate that it has been adopted by numerous commercial aviation organizations. X-Plane 11 continues this evolution with new aircraft, scenery, and 3-D airports. This new version also incorporates the newest technology available in computing and graphics processing, resulting in breathtaking visual and dynamic effects. Check out this Youtube movie.

Laminar Research 2nd teaser

Laminar Research, creator of the X-Plane series of flight simulators, has released the second in a series of “video teasers” to showcase the continuing development of the X-Plane platform.

Over the years it has always been the policy of Laminar Research to continually improve X-Plane, making it the most realistic flight simulation available on the desktop. This has been accomplished through a continuing release of updates of our current version, as well as the release of new versions on a regular basis. This second video in the upcoming series of videos continues that journey. Check out this Youtube movie.

Laminar Research X-Plane teasers

Laminar Research, creator of the X-Plane series of flight simulators, has released the first in a series of video teasers to showcase the continuing development of the X-Plane platform. Over the years it has always been the policy of Laminar Research to continually improve X-Plane, making it the most realistic flight simulation available on the desktop.

This has been accomplished through a continuing release of updates of our current version, as well as the release of new versions on a regular basis. This first video in the upcoming series of videos continues that journey. Check out this Youtube movie.

NAPS Beauvechain Air Base

Beauvechain Air Base (ICAO: EBBE) is a Belgian Air Component military airfield in Belgium, located 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) south of Beauvechain (Walloon Brabant Province); 20 miles (32 km) east-southeast of Brussels.

It is home to the 1st Wing, operating A109BA helicopters, and the Basic Flying Training School, operating SIAI Marchetti SF.260 trainer aircraft. It is used as a base for the operational helicopter squadrons, and as a training center for pilots. Beauvechain also houses the Wing Meteo and the Air Force Band. Perfect match for Zone Photos Brussels orthoimagery, not tested with Global Airports, not tested with any OSM.

Made with NAPS library objects and Marc Leydecker ‘s © assets and finally, military objects by David Austin, JP antennas by Pugwash. Check out this Youtube movie.

SpainUHD Majorca

Today we’re pleased to offer you part II of our SpainUHD exploration. This movie covers Majorca or Mallorca and although you won’t see everything of this beautiful island in this movie, it will give you an idea what to expect when you decide to download it from SpainUHD.

For those who aren’t still familiar with SpainUHD …. SpainUHD is a new photorealistic scene high resolution mesh throughout Spain, with zoom level 17 on the mainland and 18 in islands, and elevation data 25 meter resolution for flight simulator X-Plane 10. Depending on what you want to explore, it’s worth the download. You don’t believe me? In that case, I would suggest that you fly with me over Majorca and hopefully you like it as I did. Enjoy!

Then you should check out this YouTube link.

SpainUHD Menorca

SpainUHD is a new photorealistic scene high resolution mesh throughout Spain, with zoom level 17 on the mainland and 18 in islands, and elevation data 25 meter resolution for flight simulator X-Plane 10. The performance is very similar to SimHeaven scenarios, but the CPU and RAM requirements are somewhat higher to have one, similar to those of the UHD meshes rather more complex mesh AlpilotX. With a graphical 1Gb of VRAM move perfectly.

At X-Plained we’re pleased to offer you part I of SpainUHD photo real sceneries. Our first YouTube SpainUHD movie deals with a flight impression of the island of Menorca. Curious? Then you must check it out right here at X-Plained. And yes, more to follow since it’s worth to try it out yourself. For more information you must visit the SpainUHD website via this link. You can see it via this YouTube link.