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X-Plained.Com is pleased to announce, in consult with and the approval of X-Plane.Org user Homer Jay, that we’ve decided to promote several of his ToLiss A321 NEO liveries.

The Toliss NEO add-on comes with 2 additional engine types for the ToLiss A321. The 3 subvariants of the A321 NEO family are the NEO, the LR and the XLR. Additionally it comes with 3 new exit configurations aligned with the Airbus Cabin Flex concept for the A321 family.

The included new engine types re the CFM LEAP-1A33 and PW1130G-JM. Overall package includes an accurate aircraft climb performance as function of engine selection. Appropriate fuel burn as function of engine selection. System adaptation to reflect new engine functionalities, such as PW engine cooling cycles. Further on it comes with detailed 3d model for each engine model, specific TSS sound sets for each engine type, A321 NEO subvariants, configurable to A321 NEO, LR and XLR, a fuel system adapted to the individual configurations, specific weight envelopes for each subvariant and finally, system specific changes per subvariant, e.g. single slotted flaps for the A321 XLR with improved aircraft drag.

All together a worthy add-on aircraft that needs hi-quality liveries. Although many liveries popup every day, we’ve found it a good idea to highlight some of the liveries provided by ToLiss stock painters. These download pages offer you one of Homer Jay A321 and NEO liveries. Feel free to download Homer Jay livery, but remember, you need to be a registered member of X-Plained.Com else you aren’t entitled to download his livery. You can find his liveries under menu Downloads – Liveries – NEO Add-On ToLiss Airbus A321 – Homer Jay.