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Important news ….. Check it out!

On behalf of Steve Baugh a.k.a. Humbug01 (X-Plane.Org user) we’re pleased to inform you that his Howard DGA-15P package version has been updated to version 3.4.

The enclosed X-Plane 11.50 model is of the historic GA aircraft, the Howard DGA-15P. The model began life as a freeware FS98-FSX model shell which I converted to the 3D modelling program, AC3D, and completely overhauled and rebuilt for X-Plane 11 over the last four or five months. Please see the enclosed “credits.txt” file for details.

This update does two things:

  1. It updates the flight model of the Howard wheeled version to give power up to 11,500 feet that matches the published data a little more closely than before; and,
  2. It puts all the various version 3 files into one .zip file to make it easier to download and install the complete package.
  3. If you already have the files from versions 3.0 to 3.3 installed and you’re happy with them, then this update is not really necessary. Otherwise download and install this package and let it over-write all your previous files if you have an earlier version of the Howard. You will find enclosed the floatplane version, one extra livery, a complete paintkit for the wheeled and floatplane versions, and everything you need for the Howard DGA-15P model enclosed. I promise, this will be the last update for a while which can get confusing to keep track of!

All files in this download are released as freeware for the enjoyment of the flightsim community. No commercial use may be made of any part of this project. If you alter any portion of the Howard DGA-15P model or any of its components, please give credit to me as the original author and to jetdoc if you alter the flight model.

This aircraft is released as FREEWARE. No commercial use of these files is permitted, but they may be distributed and changed for non-commercial use as long as credit to the original authors is provided. And a special thanks to Pedrovl on the forum for help with a fuel pressure problem caused by the three in-line fuel tanks which I never would have figured out myself.

Check it out at our dedicated Steve Baugh “Howard DGA-15P” download page, check out all the included updates and don’t forget to check out these additional screenshots.