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Is this it?
Is this we “Apple simmers”, are looking for or is it something we can’t afford?

Today it was that day! Today I received, just to check and to convince myself, an iMac Pro with a default/basic configuration (8-core Intel Xeon W CPU, AMD Vega Pro 8GB GPU, 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD). After I had tested 2 iMac Late 2017 models (Intel i7 7700 CPU, the AMD 8GB GPU, 64GB RAM and a 1TB SSD), I wasn’t enthusiastic over these iMac’s. Oh yes, Windows simmers would say … go for a Windows PC, but that’s not my thing. I know, because of that I have to pay a lot more to get a decent X-Plane 11 machine.

I contacted also Austin and Ben from Laminar Research to ask their idea/opinion and Ben was quite straight in his answer; don’t waste your money with an iMac Pro, but go for the regular iMac Late 2017 as described above. Because I did that and wasn’t satisfied, I decided to test an iMac Pro step-in model. Either it doesn’t perform for our X-Plane needs or it does.

Time will learn!
I’ll keep you informed about my findings and most important; is it worth this expensive Apple machine?