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The year of Jackson Hole Airport’s release. Yes! For real now.

We’ve – Aerobridge – been immensely working on completing the airport for a grand release in this month. Reaching Beta Stage, we’re collecting feedback from our testers to polish the airport and have it available for everyone to enjoy, they’re submitting reports as I type this!

Jackson Hole incorporates several new “technologies” which we’ve experimented with, inspired from the workflow that’s adopted in scenery development for FSX/P3D. Apart from the familiar “layers” technique in producing groundwork, we’ve combined the best of object-based groundwork and decals-based workflow. We’re also moving to mainly object based foliage rendering, with our new grass that blends much smoother than X-Plane’s.

The rendition includes KJAC’s new Terminal baggage collection extension. Custom common assets such as ground vehicles, barrels, crates etc have been modelled and appropriated for KJAC’s usage.

Jackson Hole Airport’s release details (store, and pricing) will be provided in the next few days.