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pmdg-cloudmaster-dc-6My dear simmers, readers, X-Plained enthusiastic members …. I’m sorry, it took a little longer to start with the promised part II impression of the PMDG Douglas DC-6 Series.

Whatever the reasons are, I finally made it before we close 2016. It wasn’t an easy job and I didn’t want to write again such a long impression. As mentioned before, part II covers my impressions of the provided tutorials, the performance under X-Plane 10 and a quick look and feel if the aircraft can handle X-Plane 11 although I have to admit that X-Plane 11 is still under development.

Further on, I had a look at the dedicated PMDG AVSIM forum if odd things where mentioned or explained and I promised to highlight the implemented authentic Douglas DC-6 sound.

Check out part II of the PMDG Cloudmaster Douglas DC-6 Series impression.