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It seems that the scenery_pack.ini file causes a bit more problems to simmers then expected.

For some reason that getting the right order in your scenery_pack.ini file is and stays a problem. X-Plane itself doesn’t do the job for you. That said, you need to do it yourself. You need to check the right order in your scenery_pack.ini file. You need to check for example that add-on airports are at the top of this file and AlPilotX mesh packages at the far button, and oh yes, libraries somewhere in the middle … already confused?

Many articles have been written about this issue, articles by Tony, Fabian and Armin, so no reason for me to write it again. What I’ve done this time is collected these articles and added my own “writing skills” to it. Curious what it has become? Then you should check out the following article.