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Another in-depth review. This time from FSWidgets “QuickPlan for Mac” (or Windows). I wrote on purpose also for Windows, although I didn’t tets this, it has in basic the same product features.

No no, don’t worry, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen doesn’t have shares in FSWidgets stocks! It’s just a matter of seeking for flight planning programs and since FSWidgets owns for the Mac OS X (macOS Sierra) platform a flight planning program, I’m in for testing it.

If this impression/review is informative for you, I’ve reached my goal. To me, QuickPlan for Mac does what I had expected, when you want to fly VFR and even for IFR. That said, using the QuickPlan flight planner without all the bells and whistles as you can find with other flight planners, is still a useful and easy to handle flight planner. You can read all about it via this QuickPlan for Mac link.