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Dear all,
Just to inform you that we’re busy making the necessary improvements at the backend – our developers control center – of X-Plained.Com. The list of improvements are trying to speed up loading times, better scripting and making the website more responsive as it was before.

Being more responsive means that X-Plained.Com will also work on mobile devices. Actually, the template we’re using for X-Plained.Com is out of the box a responsive template, but not everything worked well on an Smartphone or tablet, especially the fullwidth sliders. News posts, articles and reviews wasn’t a problem, but the landing page with the fullwidth sliders was a big problem. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that from the 3 fullwidth sliders the middle and lower one is now full responsive with smartphones and tablets, but there is still a lot to do.

That said, when you see something that isn’t correct, feel free to use the Contact Form and keep in mind that we’re working on the website so something could look slightly different then you’re used from us.