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Holiday … finally, time has come to say goodbye for a couple of weeks. No no! No need to worry or to think that it’s over with X-Plained.Com. It’s just time for my holiday. Time to relax, time to hit the sun, time to enjoy the French life. After months of stress at home, several difficulties, website issues, and more of these things, I feel it’s time to go out for a couple of weeks. This time we’re a bit limited in where we can go to due to all the Corona or COVID-19 restrictions. We had the idea to go to England, or Denmark, Sweden or France. Since all other countries are either increasing restrictions, or are heavily restricted to enter, France is for now the only country that is relatively safe to go to.

And yes, I’m aware, at the end X-Plained.Com is looking again to me … and, what’s the next review, any special review requests from our readers, any new ideas to implement and so on. Maintaining X-Plained.Com cost more time then I thought. Not that this is a problem, but the result of all these promises is that other “X-Plane wishes” move to the background. And, when back from France, there’s another job to wait .. switching from hosting company. Our current contract with the Dutch company ends on August 4th 2021, so before that date we have to switch to SiteGround or another well-known WordPress hosting company. I’ll keep you informed about that and when you have any suggestions or advices, please let us know.

Anyway, first my holiday, after that, time to look and plan ahead. For now, enjoy all the stuff we’ve got so far. And no worries, when time and Wifi permits, I’ll answer your emails or comments.

See you soon! Bye bye for now!