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After the official release of X-Plane 11, it’s now time to welcome all developers with their updated aircraft for X-Plane 11.

Today we’re pleased to inform you, on behalf of Evgeny Romanov from JARDesign, that their A320neo version 3.0r1 has been release for X-Plane 11r1.That’s great news, but what can you expect? But first this ….. please not mix files with other version!

Be sure, that you use X-Plane 11.00r1.Copy unziped “320_JARDesign” folder to ..\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\ folder
(be sure, what you are not use nonEnglish symbols in aircraft installation path). Start X-Plane 64 bit and open a320, activation window is going to show up. Enter your serial key (Regcode), click NEXT and after a successful activation reopen aircraft via X-Plane menu. Activation works well with both MAC/WIN 64 bit. Please visit to get 130+ free liveries.

Here’s a list of what’s all NEW”:

  • External 3D updated by Felis
  • Internal 3D and Ground stuff updated by Dron
  • Systems updated by JAR
  • Objects and textures was reworked according with new material system of XP11.
  • Redesigned/retextured MCP especially around displays (so you can see all panels layers here)
  • New textures on spots around
  • Reduced amount of loaded textures (some are gone)
  • No more any gaps between panels (no flicker on any gaps in cockpit)
  • New reflections
  • Now all cockpit screens/lcd panels have new glass with reflections
  • New things in cabin and new cockpit/cabin glasses (inside and outside)
  • Some changes in Sky lights in cabine by yours requests
  • Reflective ground stuff
  • NavData was removed from XP11 by Laminar Research and this was fixed for a320 (add _navdata with old Aerosoft cycle direct to a320 folder).
  • User can select navData source at MCDU Status page. Improved.
  • Add Diagnostic plugin, what can help if some installation was wrong (red message at screen if problem happen)
  • Performance and fuel calculation was broken in XP11 and fixed for version 3.0
  • Navigation system was broken and FMGS was reworked to be compatible with new XP FMS.
  • Cockpit buttons night lighting was broken.
  • Rework ND flightplan path drawing.
  • Vertical profile calculation reworked
  • NEW CRZ FL option was reworked
  • Go Around fixed
  • ILS approach fixed
  • Impossible engines shutdown
  • Cockpit 3D light fixed
  • SPEED mode instability fixed
  • LVR CLB flash
  • Display brightness improved
  • Flight log improved
  • Horizontal FD during SRS/RWY fixed
  • “CF” legs drawing improved
  • Rollout mode (Autoland) unstable fixed
  • Reflection maps for external 3d improved (thanks Rashid)
  • Brake and clock night lighting (front panel) fixed
  • Baro selector work fixed
  • FCU knobs work improved (mousewheel selection work both for classic/comfort manipulators style) – please use MCDU Menu page 2 to switch style
  • Not-transparent in-cockpit sunglasses fixed
  • Engines start issue fixed
  • ILS DOTs indication fixed
  • JARDesign “Home” livery add (Thanks to Slava!)
  • download service add for free a320 liveries

More information can be found at the dedicated JARDesign forum page as well as the link to download the updated product.