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X-Plained is pleased to inform you on behalf of Evgeny Romanov from JARDesign and his team that they have released their A320neo per today, February 16th, for Public Beta the A320neo. The XP11 was made possible by:
– External 3D updated by Felis
– Internal 3D and Ground stuff updated by Dron
– Systems updated by JAR

When you own the a320 for X-Plane 10 and may continue to use it with X-Plane 10 simulator with no problem. No update need in this case. Support is continue.

As you know may be, you may use some my tricks from facebook to take a320 for XP10 and make it loadable with XP11. Please note what some old XP10 features not supported by XP11 more and you will get aircraft with not 100% compatible 3D, perfomance and (after saving with new PlaneMaker) FMGS navigation part.

Please note what this time we have beta of X-Plane 11 and beta of a320 (“beta” – product for testing and may not work well, hare errors and so on). If you need release, need stable version, please wait.

About serials and activations:
All beta-testers, who have personal serial from JARDesign may use it with XP11. If problems – please skype me or
All users who bought the A320 AFTER the X-Plane 11 presentation event (October 2016 and later) may use their serials with X-Plane 11. If problems – please
And finally, all users who bought the A320 BEFORE the X-Plane 11 presentation event (October 2016 and later) may update their serials (get new one) to make it worked with both – XP10 and XP11.

This JARDesign service should help for any users, what have a320 from any shop

The JARDesign A320neo for X-Plane 11 beta 2 offers:

  • Objects and textures was reworked according with new material system of XP11. Reworked.
  • Redesigned/retextured MCP especially around displays (so you can see all panels layers here)
  • New textures on spots around
  • Reduced amount of loaded textures (some are gone)
  • No more any gaps between panels (no flicker on any gaps in cockpit)
  • New reflections
  • Now all cockpit screens/lcd panels have new glass with reflections
  • New things in cabin and new cockpit/cabin glasses (inside and outside)
  • Some changes in Sky lights in cabine by yours requests
  • Reflective ground stuff
  • NavData was removed from XP11 by Laminar Research and this was fixed for a320 (add _navdata with old Aerosoft cycle direct to a320 folder). Fixed.
  • User can select navData source at MCDU Status page. Improved.
  • Add Diagnostic plugin, what can help if some installation was wrong (red message at screen if problem happen)
  • Perfomance and fuel calculation was broken in XP11 and we will rework it at last stage, after XP11 release.
  • Navigation system was broken and FMGS was reworked to be compatible with new XP FMS.
  • Cockpit buttons night lighting was broken. Fixed.
  • Rework ND flightplan path drawing.
  • Vertical profile calculation reworked
  • NEW CRZ FL option was reworked
  • Go Around fixed
  • ILS approach fixed
  • Impossible engines shutdown fixed
  • Cockpit light fixed
  • SPEED mode unstable fixed
  • LVR CLB flash fixed
  • Display brightness improved
  • Flight log improved
  • Horizontal FD during SRS/RWY fixed
  • “CF” legs drawing improved
  • Rollout mode (Autoland) unstable fixed

Main Know bug (not fixed for now):

  • Flying in HOLD not tested
  • ILS diamond indication (X-Plane 11 bug, reported to LR)


How to Install:
Please not mix files with other version. Download link: …

– be sure, that you use X-Plane 11.00
– Copy unziped “320_JARDesign” folder to ..\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\ folder
(be sure, what you are not use nonEnglish symbols in aircraft installation path)
– Start X-Plane 64 bit and open a320, activation window is going to show up
– Enter your serial key (Regcode), click NEXT and after a successful activation reopen aircraft via X-Plane menu
– Activation works well with both MAC/WIN 64 bit

Update your Nav Data with fresh cycle (if needed)
a320 use NavData from ../X-PLANE 11/Custom Data/GNS430/navdata/ folder. If not find there – will try to read it from ../X-PLANE 11/Aircraft/330_JARDesign/_navdata/. If you need update your cycle, please use Aerosoft/Navigraph. “JARDesign a320/330 Native format” or (the same in fact). “XPLANE_GNS430_777WORLDLINER_FF757PROF_NATIVE” and put new cycle to ..X-PLANE 10/Custom Data/navdata/ folder.