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jardesign-a330-xp11UPDATE: Exclusive Screenshots X-Plane 11 with JARDesign A330

On behalf of JARDesign lead developer Evgeny Romanov, we’re pleased to offer you their X-Plane 11 efforts to test their models with X-Plane 11.

What is this and what happens with old XP10 Airbus A330 aircraft version:

  • Objects and textures are reworked according with new material system of XP11
  • NavData was removed from XP11 by Laminar Research and fixed for our A330 (add _navdata with old Aerosoft cycle direct to a330 folder).
  • Reworked the A330 sound system which was broken, because of the X-Plane mastervolume datarefs. Now, you can use volume selectors from upper Plugins -> Sound3D menu.
  • Reworked the A330 rain system which was broken.
  • Added a diagnostic plugin. This can help if an installations was wrong/failed (red message at screen if a problem happens).
  • The frame rates (FPS) where too low compare with XP10. Please use minimum visual settins to get normal frame rates.
  • Reworked will be done for the aircraft perfomance and fuel calculation which was broken in XP11. Final rework will be done in there XP11 final last stage, thus after XP11 has been released.
  • Reworked/fixed the navigation system which was broken and FMGS was reworked to make it compatible with new XP FMS. Since this is a beta, please report via the dedicated JARDesign beta forum.
  • Fixed cockpit buttons night lighting which was broken.
  • And much more.

As registered user, you’re able to to test this out yourself. In that case, see the following steps:

  • Please not mix files with other version.
  • Always visit the JARDesign dedicated beta forum for the latest package.
  • Download link A330 XP11: … XP11v2.0b1
  • Please install also the new version of Ground Handling which will be compatible with XP11.
    Download link:
    – be sure that you use X-Plane 11.00beta2
    – copy unzipped “330_JARDesign” folder to ..\X-Plane 10\Aircraft\ folder
    – be sure that you are not using non English symbols in the aircraft installation path
    – please visit/download one a regular base updated versions of free Ground Handling plugin.
  • Please note that the “Deluxe” version of this plugin (may work with other aircrafts) is payware !
    – start X-Plane 64 bit and open a330, activation window pops up.
    – enter your serial key (regcode), click next and after a successful activation reopen the aircraft via X-Plane menu.
    – activation works with both MAC/WIN 64 bit
  • Update your Nav Data base with a fresh cycle (if needed)

About serials and activations:
All beta-testers, who have personal serial from JARDesign may use it with XP11. If you have any problems – please skype me or go to

All users who bought the A330 after the X-Plane 11 presentation event (October 2016 and later) may use their serials with X-Plane 11. If you face any problems – please

All users who bought the A330 BEFORE the X-Plane 11 presentation event (October 2016 and later) may update their serials (get a new one) to make it worked with both – XP10 and XP11.

Last but not least …. we will post more details later as well as the new prices for this update. When you own the A330 for X-Plane 10 and may continue to use it with X-Plane 10 then there’s no problem. No update need in this case. Support for you will continue.

More information can be found at the dedicated beta JARDesign forum. Free access, but free registration is needed!