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We needed to wait a while, but finally JARDesign has released their A340-500 for X-Plane 11. Who doesn’t know JARDesign? Known from the A320NEO, then the A330 and now logically the A340-500.

The A340-500 uses also GHD (Ground Handling) which is free in combination with the 340-500. It’s a gorgeous model created by the JARDesign team and for those who like to fly very, no ultra long distances, this is the absolute record. Not only that JARDesign aircraft are known about the way they are made, and the way you can fly them. Eye for many tiny details, but also trying to keep the FPS (Frames Per Second) as high as possible and still trying to model every system as in real. According to Evgeny “We tried to make the system as close as possible to the real and emulate the most of the aircraft systems. But in some systems we have used a number of simplifications. In other words, no 100% guarantees of compliance to the real world prototype.”

Want to know more about the JARDesign A340-500? Then you can check out the JARDesign A340 forum or the sales Org page.