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On behalf of JARDesign, we’re pleased to inform you that their Ground Handling Deluxe has been updated to version 240317. Download information available via this link.

And what’s added this time to this updated version?
– X-Plane 11 compatible
– Add small stairway
– Add/rework sets for 25 most popular X-Plane aircrafts. Check out this URL.

The installation process is not that complex.Check out this:

  • if need – Save your custom sets from ..X-PLANE/Resources/plugins/GndHandling/Sets/Custom/
  • Save your key.reg file from ..X-PLANE/Resources/plugins/GndHandling/
  • Be sure, that you use X-Plane 10.42+ or 11.00
  • Delete old «GndHandling» from ../X-PLANE/Resources/plugins/
  • Copy unzipped new «GndHandling» folder to ../X-PLANE/Resources/plugins/ folder

If you have key.reg file from previous version

  • Paste your saved key.reg file to ..X-PLANE/Resources/plugins/GndHandling/
  • Paste your saved custom sets to ..X-PLANE/Resources/plugins/GndHandling/Sets/Custom/
  • Your plugin is always registered

If you perform new installation

  • Start X-Plane 64 bit and load default Boeing 747
  • Use X-Plane menu and select the Plugins->Ground Handling->Registration menu and enter your email and the serial key. Next press the SEND button and please check your e-mail. within 1 hr. You should get activation code must be entered in the ‘code’ field and press CONFIRM. Your application must work well now. If necessary to reinstall, please use the same e-mail and serial number.
  • Activation works well with both MAC/WIN 64 bit

More information can be found at the dedicated JARDesign forum page.