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JAR-X-LifeJARDesign X-Life Traffic. You’re all aware of what X-Life can do for you … it generates a realistic ground and air traffic, based on the principles of real-life aircraft movements. Each aircraft operated by the AI pilot. All aircraft are controlled by ATC.

On behalf of JARDesign, X-Plained is pleased, ok, we’re a couple of days too late, the updated version 1.1 release of X-Life Traffic. What does this updated vision offer? Find the updated feature list below:

– Add Bluebell XL library support
– Add departure RW request
– Add arrival RW request
– Add ATC 250/10000 control
– Time indication improve
– AI flight dynamic improve
– ATC freq pronounce fixed
– Runway busy/vacate logic reworked
– Arrival stack logic improve
– Add 80+ airports to compatible Map
– Most of of CTDs fixed

If you need more information, please check the dedicated JARDesign X-Life Traffic forum page.