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X-Plained.Com is pleased to inform you that our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke has visited the virtual factory of the Just Flight Socata TB10 Tobago and TB20 Trinidad.

According to Andy “This is a very high quality model with great attention to detail. When viewed from outside or inside it is clear and realistic and the views are accompanied by a convincing sound suite. There are numerous systems modelled with the aircraft and the developers have used innovative ways to allow the user to access these whilst preparing the aircraft, in flight or shutting the aircraft down.”

Andy continues “The two variants are easily identified and either can be chosen quickly from various menus.  The avionics supplied means there is something for users of all levels of experience and the aircraft can be simply flown, especially for the views out of the cockpit, or used to a high level of realism that would challenge a more experienced user.”

You can read all about it via this comprehensive review link.