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justsim-klagenfurt-lowkFlying to Klagenfurt from Ireland is not a long flight and that’s what our reviewer Jude Bradley had in mind … visiting JustSim Klagenfurt Airport and city (LOWK).

According to Jude “Although this is a small airport, with little flights in reality, there are quite a few gems here. The red control tower makes this an unmistakable airport, and the glider strip and should you wish to go skydiving, well the touchdown zone is also available for you too.”

“This airport gives you enough short flights in the area if you wish to have a quick afternoon’s flight around Austria. Although it has its faults, such as the railway track routing to the DB Schenker building, it’s the only error I can see in this package so far.  For the price, I don’t think you can go wrong with this, and hopefully they will release an update for this in the future.”

You can read Jude’s review via this link.