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Ft. Eustis “Felker” US Army Airfield

KFAFFt. Eustis “Felker” KFAF US ARMY Airfield is a super-detailed airfield dedicated to all the service men and woman.

KFAF is located in Virginia bordering the James River, in close proximity of the picturesque Chesapeake Bay. The James River also host the Ghost Fleet. Oh yes, I also rendered the fleet in 3D. The airport is under renovation and the scaffolding, construction equipment has been modeled. This is NOT a “Lego” block approach. Every building was carefully reproduced in 3D, I even did not forget the smokers gazebos, containers and trash-bins.

The airport offers the following features:
– Custom flowering grass
– Custom “weeds”, flowering trees, grasses and forests
– Custom taxiway and runway markings
– Custom airport equipment (forklifts, fire extinguishers, fire trucks, etc.)
– Custom AC units and generators
– Custom vehicles
– Custom US Army personnel (with reflective safety vests)
– Working “flashing construction signs”
– Ortho Photos with royalty free from USGS

ALL equipment, buildings, vehicles, grasses, forests, etc. have been modeled by myself “except” military vehicles and the chinooks. Those are from David Austin, Michael Hoge and the Privateer. These excellent objects are located in a folder, named “/NotMine”. Thank you for this.

– UNZIP the airport under xxx\Custom Scenery folder
– The airport requires the latest version of OpenSceneryX
– There is a folder named DOCUMENTATION
– This folders contains KFAF info and charts

If you do not already have the libraries used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library List.

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KFAF | Ft. Eustis Felker US Army Airfield (KFAF) (44.3 MiB, 104 downloads)