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On behalf of Orbx we’re pleased to announce the following news. Orbx is excited for the recent release of Landmarks Detroit City Pack for MSFS and for X-Plane12. Enjoy Detroit, a city with a rich history in the arts, architectural wonders, and automotive heritage.

Detroit is world-renowned for its contributions to the arts, architectural design, and of course, its historic automotive background. With over 52 stunning landmark buildings and structures, Detroit City Pack brings this characterful metropolis to life. Explore the rich and bustling downtown, to the arts district, and swing around for a leisurely cruise on the Detroit River. Further on, Detroit City Pack comes with a detailed representation of the waterfront and industrial areas along the Detroit River.

A large amount of highly detailed generic models that replace the city’s photogrammetry data, including models for cranes, chimneys, vehicles, structures and much more. Emissive textures on all buildings for dazzling night time flying across the city.

Check out all the features at the dedicated Orbx Detroit City Pack X-Plane 12 product page.