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As of this writing, we’re preparing all the stuff needed to go out for a Late Summer holiday to Denmark and Sweden. It has been a hectic time so a bit of relaxation is needed, especially knowing what is waiting for us when back from holiday. Your personal reporter and long-time reviewer Angelique van Campen has done some explorations on the Felis Boeing 747-200 Classic and will start writing a review when back in October. I, Angelique, can tell you that this will be an interesting review because it’s a very well modeled and extremely accurate created replica of the real Boeing B747-200.

But there’s much more waiting to review for you, me and not to forget our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke. The Netacvio CJ4 has been updated to version 1.07, then the FJS (Fly Jack Sim) has most likely released during Angelique’s holiday their brand new Q4XP (Q400). Perhaps ToLiss has also released their brand new Airbus A340-600, and Angelique contacted the Iranian group responsible for the Airbus A300B2-200. Besides all of this, several scenery has been released and Richard Nunes from GloballArt did a request to review his latest airport. And then there are requests from Orbx, so a lot of work on the shelf to review. Oops, almost forgotten … perhaps we wil also review some hardware from Thrustmaster, but for that we first need a “Go” from them. We’ll see.

Speak you soon and feel free to contact us. Greetings from Andy and Angelique.