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Worth to bring the following information to your attention. Perhaps you’ve seen the NZ news, perhaps not and for those who haven’t seen it, let’s go for it.

Org user “wichid” published on his Lyndiman’s Blog the Lyndiman’s New Zealand Ortho Photography Set Beta 2 for the NZ Northern Island. Although it’s beta, it’s still worth to check it out. According to Lyndiman “This package is an ortho-photography scenery package for X-Plane. It will replace ground textures with images derived from aerial photographs that should make the simulator much more immersive. For more information and images please visit my site here. Please note this is an initial release of the North Island only!”

For those who did download already Beta 1, you will need to download the beta 1 patch torrent to fix the missing images. Otherwise, download beta 2 torrent file, which is a standalone fixed package!

This package features:

  • High quality Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) aerial photos processed at zoom level 17 (a good balance of quality vs size)
  • From my testing this scenery has no visible impact on FPS (check image gallery for FPS)
  • Intensive photo editing of thousands of files to balance colour, replace patches, for a seamless experience
  • Photo editing to remove some building rooftops near airport approaches, for improved immersion
  • A much easier installation experience compared with processing your own scenery and editing it yourself!

More information can be found at his dedicated blog.