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Magic_Carpet “Chatellerault Targe (LFCA)”

X-Plained.Com is pleased to inform you, with the approval of X-Plane.Org user Magic_Carpet (Thibaut Roy), that we will host and promote his exclusive and high quality French airports.

According to Magic_Carpet “The Chatellerault airfield is a small GA platform located in the west of France at roughly 17NM north of Poitier. On this airfield you can find Les ailes châtellerauldaises, Chât’Ailes ULM and Silvair and some more. If you are in the region, feel free to come by the airfield and have a chat. Everybody is super(mostly) friendly! ?

If you want to spawn directly at the airport, search for the ICAO code LFCA in the search barre of X-Plane. Most of the objects on the airfield have been modelled and textured with a mix of on site photos and procedurals textures. The ground textures were hand-painted. Some objects come from X-Plane. Enjoy the follwoing screenshots and hopefully you like them.


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