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On behalf of KMKaine, we’re pleased to offer you this “A quick guide to creating quality Ortho4xp scenery tutorial”.

According to KMKaine “The last couple of days I’ve seen an explosion of users creating photo scenery with Ortho4xp. As I have watched tutorials and played around with it myself I was looking for the sweet spot how to create the nicest resolution tiles, without sacrificing all my storage and render capactiy. I also wanted to make the process as easy and automated as possible so the document shows some resolution comparison and tips I learned recently, hope it benefits somebody.”

“Note: This is not a complete how-to guide, and asumes that you at least have an idea how basic tile creation is done (by watching the many tutorials online for example).”

“The stills attached here also present in the PDF. The ZIP download link consists of a Adobe Acrobat format with the complete guide.”