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marc_hamptonDid you ever hear of Hampton Roads Executive Airport or ICAO code KPVG? I didn’t, but that’s not strange.

On the US continent you will find so many of those small airports/airfields that many simmers will have no idea of their existence. But with the release of KPVG from X-Plane.Org user Belga12345, your world will change when it comes to these tiny detailed developed airports. By the way, Belga12345 is the Org name for Marc Leydecker, who’s one of the NAPS (North Atlantic & Pacific Sceneries) team members or actually their Sketchup guru.

According to Marc “It took me over 1200 hours to build this photo-realistic HD airport. All objects, including vehicles, static aircraft, buildings, vegetation, animations, etc. were made in Sketchup and based on pictures provided by Tom Barefoot (a KPVG instructor), but there’s much more like all the animation and other stuff.”

Curious? Then you must check out this comprehensive review!