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Hi all,
We’ve added today, March 9th 2019, a couple of fresh liveries for the ToLiss A319 aircraft from Matthew007800. The liveries we’ve uploaded from Matthew007800 are Vanilla Air (CFM2S) and the new Wizz Air (IAE2S). 

As a registered user you’re free to check it out what’;s new, or which livery has been updated and download it. Most of the older liveries from Christoph_T have been updated for the latest model update. Newer or recent released liveries from Christoph_T are already up-to-date for the latest TolIss A319 package. The same happend  with some liveries from Matthew007800.

At the same time we’ve tried to keep it a bit organised. That said, we’ve rearranged the liveries or weathered cockpit textures from fscabral. Once an a while, depending on the time he has, he comes out with a bunch of new liveries or something unexpected like the recent 767 Professional Extended cockpit textures. Because of that,. we created a different menu structure for fscabral.

Anyway, enjoy the updated or new liveries and see our updated libraries too.