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Mesh and X-Plane … always a mesh you would say, right?
I had a chat with my good friend Marc Leydecker aka Belga12345 about the X-Plane 11 mesh. For those who aren’t familiar with Marc, Marc is freeware scenery developer of many Virginia (USA) located airports and besides that, he’s also responsible for many tutorials that deal with SketchUp, Saitek hardware and other stuff.

Anyway, I wanted to know a bit more about how to deal with the X-Plane 11 mesh scenery and how to handle it in case the mesh scenery give unusual slopes.

According to Marc “the default mesh in X-Plane is very course and in some areas not very accurate. At the end that does maybe not matter as who cares if the valley in a mountain range is at 1203 meters or feet or at 1200 meters or feet, whatever is applicable?”

Curious what Marc has to say about this issue and perhaps how to solve the X-Plane mesh?
Read Marc’s complete story at our dedicated page.