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Oops, something went wrong, but thanks to Jon I’m able to correct this.

What is the issue, and how can it be solved?
Of course, I could send you a new newsletter, but that’s a bit too much. Those who received on July 28th the special Paint e-Newsletter, have probably noticed an error with one of the news items.

It turned out that the package we offer on behalf of fscabral’s FlightFactor A350 weathered cockpit textures was wrong. It pointed to something that resulted in a blank page. Nice, but that’s not the idea.

Those we would like to have this fscabral FF A350 package, need to follow this link or in case you can’t read the “link”, here’s the direct URL to the package -> Worth to highlight; the package is only free for registered users. Not yet a registered X-Plained.Com simmer? In that case, ask for a free membership via