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MisterX Library Version 1.61b

MisterX-Library-01Updated: as per February 2019 version 1.61b.

Version 1.61b hotfix:
Airport lights no longer cause log.txt warnings

Version 1.61 new Content:
– Added three terrain textures to cover large areas (grass, dirt, semi-dry grass)
– Added two roads as line files (dirt and asphalt)
– Moved decals to separate folder, now accessible via the library system
– Added All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-200ER

Version 1.61 bugfixes/Improvements:
– Improved skid marks texture (now closer to 1.5 version)
– Fixed 767 Fedex shadow
– Fixed 767 Icelandair mirrored text
– Fixed perpendicular jetway animation
– Removed United 747 (no longer in service)

Staring with version 1.5, this library provides a large selection of static aircraft with liveries from airlines all around the world.

These static aircraft are compatible with the new system introduced in X-Plane 10.50, so they can spawn at all (updated) airports, including default ones.

List of aircraft:

Airbus A320-200*
Airbus A380-800
Beechcraft 99A
Boeing 717-200
Boeing 737-700/800/900ER*
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 757-200/300*
Boeing 767-300ER/400ER*
Boeing 777-200ER/LR*
Boeing 777-300ER
Bombardier CRJ-200/700
Bombardier CS100/CS300*
Bombardier Global Express
Cessna 208 Caravan
Cessna 402C
Cessna Citation II
Embraer 175*
Learjet 35
McDonnell-Douglas MD-11/MD-88
Aircraft marked with a * are improved aircraft, featuring a larger selection of liveries, dynamic reflections (XP11 only), and night textures

Additionally, this library contains various other assets that are useful for airport sceneries, including static aircraft, airport vehicles, and other objects.

List of assets:
Airport vehicles
Ground textures, taxi lines
Vegetation items (grass, trees)
Various cars, trucks
Boats and ships
3D people

Copy the „MisterX_Library“ folder into your „X-Plane 11/Custom Scenery“ folder.

Make sure that the folder structure is correct. „MisterX_Library“ should be in your Custom Scenery folder, not „MisterX_Library_v1.6“.

This library is licensed as CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. This means that you are allowed to redistribute assets from this library, as long as you are using it for freeware and give appropriate credit.

Any commercial use is prohibited. For further information, feel free to contact me.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback, or suggestions! Alternatively, you can find me E-mail address in the included manual.

Special thanks to KJO and Canada4XPlane for contributing liveries!

What’s New?
– Visual update for all taxilines
– Completely revamped all textures, added normal maps
– Fixed an issue where black outlines were overlapping with yellow centerlines at intersections
– Improved naming conventions
– All lines are now available with or without a black outline
– Added taxisign night lighting
– Small concrete platforms with dynamic lights, to be placed under taxiway signs
– Added detailed jetways with AutoGate support
– New static aircraft models:
– Boeing 777-200ER/LR/F
– Fixed misaligned nav lights for older static aircraft
– New static aircraft liveries:
– Renamed Bombardier C-Series to Airbus A220
– Airbus A220-300: Air Baltic, Jetblue, Korean Air
– Airbus A320-200: Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Air Canada (new), Brussels Airlines, Jetblue (Bubbles), Joon, Lufthansa (new), QantasLink, South African, Swiss, Tigerair, Wow Air
– Boeing 737-700: Air Do, Alaska Air Cargo, Southwest (Canyon Blue)
– Boeing 737-800: SAS, Skymark, Sun Country
– Boeing 757-200F: Cargojet, UPS
– Boeing 767-300ER: Icelandair, Westjet
– Boeing 767-300F: ABX Air, Fedex
– Embraer 175: Air Canada (new)
– New and improved ground textures:
– Added new ramp markings, reworked existing ones
– Replaced Asphalt_1, Asphalt_2, Concrete_2 and Gravel with new textures, including normal maps
– Added new asphalt, concrete and grass textures
– Added normal maps to all textures
– Added edges to smoothly transition into surrounding grass/dirt
– Improved skid marks
– New vegetation assets:
– Added more trees and shrubs
– Improved palm trees, added more variants
– Improved grass, added dry grass
– Improved 3d birch tree, added new variant
– Vehicles:
– New baggage carts and tractors with PBR materials, more variants
– Added new trucks and trailers with PBR materials and more variants
– Added VW Jetta
– Misc:
– Added new flood lights, parking lights
– Added 5 different fuel tanks with PBR materials, fuel station, small fuel tank
– Added a new modern concrete barrier, updated red and white plastic barriers
– Added toll booth
– Added firefighter training plane

Feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback, or suggestions! You can send me a private message right here on Alternatively, you can find me E-mail address in the included manual.

Donations allows MisterX6 to keep making sceneries. If you enjoy my work, consider making a contribution. Donations are always optional, but greatly appreciated. Ok, here’s the donation link.

This package is offered to you by X-Plained.Com. It is free for personal and/or private use. It is not allowed to copy, publish or redistribute any part of any file or package from this website without prior permission from X-Plained.Com or from the developer. Commercial use of the package or parts of it, is prohibited in any way.
Keep in mind that your maximum download per day is set to 5 files or packages a day. A higher download limit per day can be requested by sending an email to Angelique van Campen.


MisterX Library (542.4 MiB, 946 downloads)