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It has been very quiet for a while although Paul Beckwith wrote many many reviews for you and the X-Plane community. And that’s it. Angelique, your personal reporter didn’t write anything this year. Why you could ask? Angelique and partner emigrated this year from the Netherlands to France. Wow, nice, awesome ….. but the down side is that she didn’t had the time to write a review or to test something. Not because she wanted, but because she was too busy organising things or renovating the house we bought. No, it wasn’t an old house, but the interior wasn’t really our taste.

Anyway, Angelique hopes to start again writing reviews somewhere in 2024. In the main time Paul continues with his reviews and hopefully Andy returns too.

And the best end can be ……Happy Holidays to all of You and don’t forget to enjoy every day. We say thank you to all and to all who made a donation and last but not least, best wishes for the holidays and New Year.