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tournai-air-club-napsUPDATE October 10th:
On behalf of NAPS, we’re pleased to offer you their 2nd Belgium airport:
EBBE (Beauvechain Air Base). Download this airport (for registered users only) via this link.

Perhaps this is the first NAPS (North Atlantic and Pacific Sceneries) Belgium airport in a series of more to come.

Maubray Airport (ICAO: EBTY) is a private airport located near Tournai, Hainaut, Belgium. It’s a GA airport in the Tournai area (East Hainaut) between the French border and the Nimy-Blaton-Péronnes canal. The airport sits between Maubray and Callenelle.

Some thoughts to keep in mind: the airport scenery works fine with Zone Photos, however, it was not tested with Global Airports. The package comes with custom buidings and several libraries including that one from NAPS With © assets by Marc Leydecker.

Looking forward to download this airport from Freddy De Pues? Check it out via this EBTY download link.