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Fred-E-Net-NAPS-PHTO-HiloNAPS developers NAPS – Hans H. Gindra, Marc Leydecker, and Freddy De Pues – proudly present PHTO Hilo International Airport, Hawaii, USA. Some of the features that this freeware package offers are: tweaked USGS ortho-imagery, gritty textures:
– Tweaked USGS ortho-imagery, gritty textures
– ATC taxi, RWY flows
– Autogate
– Very large amount of custom buildings
– 3D animated people
– Trees, weed, grass, vehicles and many diverse objects, some animated
– Tweaked for better performance
– and much more.”

That’s quite impressive and it’s not even the full list of features. Time to check it out I would say, here at X-Plained.