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NAPS-HonoluluNAPS developers Marc Leydecker, Hans H. Gindra, Brian Godwin and Freddy De Pues, proudly present Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) and Hickam AFB (Air Force Base).

According to Freddy “Realism is not what I’m only looking for. Most and for all, it has to look good as well. In order to be plausible and fun, I added gazillions of objects working around the existing autogen.
 Although USGS provided quite fair orthophotos, I decided to put extremely detailed taxiways & runways on top of the overlays.
 Customized buildings and landmarks were created with the help of Marc Leydecker and Hans H. Gindra for realism. Artistic additions were placed for fun and exploration.

It seems there’s a lot to explore. Read our impression at X-Plained.