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On behalf of Freddy De Pues from NAPS, we’re pleased to inform you that Freddy his updated his Sarasota International Airport and the VFR (with tiles and no tiles) packages.

Freddy and X-plained.Com offers the following packages:
1 | KSRQ Sarasota-Bradenton International version 4.0 with feathered PhotoShop tiles ZL17 XP11
2 | KSRQ Sarasota-Bradenton VFR 4.0 no tiles
3 | KSRQ Sarasota-Bradenton VFR 4.0 with tiles ZL17
4 | Florida satellite imagery ZL16 from Zone-Photos

Freddy suggest a combination of the packages 1 + 2 + 4. Note that package 4 redirects to the ZonePhoto website. From the ZonePhoto you can select the Florida ortho-photoreal packages. It’s also worth to highlight that the International Airport package is X-Plane 11 compatible. More information and download details can be found at the dedicated – Sarasota International Airport and VFR objects –  download pages.