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naps-kvpf-tampa-bayFreddy De Pues is pleased to offer you, on behalf of the NAPS team, the release of Tampa Executive Airport (KVDF) version 1.0. The airport scenery is located in the Tampa Bay, South-West Florida, USA and is a perfect match for Florida by orthoimagery.

What said, the scenery is developed by Freddy De Pues, NAPS, in association with Marc Leydecker (Virginia UHD airports).

And, not unimportant, it comes with the following features:
– Customized buildings with pictures taken on site,
– Amazing new .lin files.
– with some of Marc Leydecker’s © objects.
– Perfect addition to SRQ Sarasota- LakeWood Ranch – Bradenton VFR and all my airports in the area.
– Perfect with Zone-Photos, Florida Z16.

Interested? Check it out at our dedicated download page.