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We’re from X-Plained.Com are pleased to announce that X-Plane.Org user Louis Cyr alias “coussini” gave us the approval to host and promote his ToLiss A319 liveries.

I hope, when you read this, that you know the ToLiSS A319 add-on aircraft for X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11. Just to remind you …. The ToLiSS products come with a complex plugin featuring the brand-new ToLiSs FMGS which supports besides SIDs, STARs and vertical navigation also alternate and temporary flight plans. The FBW and AP system is based on the QPAC technology which has been providing FBW simulation for X-Plane since 20

According to Coussini; this repaint/livery package is made for the payware A319 by ToLiSs with the ToLiSs A319 Paint Kit 2.6 from Matthew007800. Each of coussini liveries are made with great precision and painted with eyes for details. I think that I can speak on behalf of all our X-Plained.Com members that his paintings/liveries are a welcome addition to the already growing list of available ToLiss A319 liveries.

Want to more of his liveries?
Then surf to our Downloads – Liveries – coussini (ToLiSS) menu. Remember, downloads are only available for registered X-Plained.Com users.