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On behalf of Org user MagikarpDrowned, we are very pleased with his approval to offer you their extraordinary Environment+ FlyWithLua plugin for X-Plane 11.

Whatever you and I tried before, I was never happy with the environment and then in particular clouds. I do own “Enviro”, but that’s for Windows only thus seeking for something else wasn’t easy till I found this package. In one word ….. awesome!

Yes, I know, you would say .. SkyMAXX Pro, but for many reason I’m not happy with that and it’s frame rate consuming so I would say …. Environment+_ is a must have!

According to MagikarpDrowned ……

Hello, and welcome to Environment+, the new and improved mod for your sim environment! The “Enviroment” is what we’ve done to make the sim so much more immersive, and the + is your contribution to it! We love seeing what people will add on top of it! From skycolours, to cloud textures, to tweaks of the .lua itself!

This mod primarily came about when Dusty296 noticed that most other .luas had their clouds placed as much as 7,000+ feet above where they were supposed to be! To bring the weather back down to its proper layer and keep it looking nice was a difficult, time consuming task, but with the help of MagikarpDrowned (Creator of Project Better X-Plane), we’ve crafted an amazing new environment.

This of course isn’t simply a .lua tweak, which is why it’s not called any old .lua tweak. It’s an environment tweak, and that means it comes with cloud textures! Courtesy of FSEnhancer’s amazing work laying out the clouds, and Magikarp’s tweaks to their already fantastic puffs, we’ve got some perfect fits for the new environment! I greatly encourage using the skycolours from the aforementioned mod, or Soft Cloud Art’s similarly stunning skycolours!

But, you may be wondering, “What if the textures tank my FPS? What if it doesn’t perform as well? What if I just don’t have the VRAM for it?” Well, I had thought about that a lot, and that’s why the .lua was primarily built to focus on making the DEFAULT cloud textures as magnificent as possible. If you have performance issues, or just prefer the look, I greatly encourage you try out the default X-Plane 11 cloud textures with this .lua!

Curious what MagikarpDrowned has to say more? Curious what it can do for you? Curious how it looks like in real? Then you must check out our dedicated Environment+ download page, but keep in mind, only for registered users!