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belga_mrc_leydeckerOn behalf of Marc Leydecker, I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve got two new arrivals for you in our Download section.

As you all know, besides the development of high quality freeware airports, Marc is also a expert in painting and the creation of objects for X-Plane. That said, Mar offers us the following new arrivals. First Marc offers for the RWDesign Spitfire a BAF (Belgian Air Force) with fighter registration MN-A weathered livery. But that’s not all. Together with the external BAF textures, Marc also reconstructed the 3D cockpit textures that offer a much more realistic and weathered look. The cockpit textures can also be used for other stock liveries. More RWDesign Spitfire BAF info can be found via this link.

Second Marc offers for the PMDG DC-6A and/or DC-6B an old-fashioned rusty Clark tug. Gorgeous I must say! Description on how to install and use this yellow rusty Clark tug can be found in the dedicated download link.