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We from X-Plained would like to share with you the following Navigraph news.

The long anticipated update to Navigraph Charts is now available – a software for flight simulator pilots to search any airspace in the world for waypoints, navaids, and airways. With its interactive enroute chart and a worldwide coverage of Jeppesen charts at 6,800 airports in 230 countries it is the most comprehensive and popular software of its kind.

The new version has an updated user interface that will let you use Navigraph Charts as a reference, just like in previous versions, but now also accommodates some highly requested and anticipated features including:

  • Route CalculationColorful
  • Route String Visualization
  • Procedure Visualization
  • Intelligent Procedure Selector
  • Map Overlay,
  • SimBrief Integration

You can read more about the features here and download the new version of Navigraph Charts here. Founders Magnus and Stephen also speak of the new features on the Navigraph YouTube channel here.

The software has a demo mode, but you need to have an active Charts or Ultimate subscription for full functionality. Subscriptions can be purchased here.

We recommend a Navigraph Ultimate subscription for 8.30 EUR per month (approx 9.30 USD) as this also includes access to navigational data for all important addon software in the flight simulation community which update automatically with the Navigraph FMS Data Manager software.

If you are unable to log in you can reset your password here or contact our account support team at:

Navigraph Charts is available for Windows (Windows 7+) and Mac Desktop (macOS 10.12+); Android (Android 5+) tablets; and for most web browsers. iPad (iOS 10) will be released at a later date.

If you require any help installing the update please see our forum here. You may also find this guide useful getting started.