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openVFR releases a new version of IcebergsXP.

The new version presents icebergs even more varied. The frequency of the icebergs adapts to the current temperature. The temperature at which icebergs generally occur can be set. Since it is also possible to adjust that icebergs do not only occur at the places where they are in reality.

it is now possible to use IcebergsXP e. g. for transatlantic flights and to control the frequency of icebergs very precisely. Users who have already purchased a previous version of IcebergsXP can contact the developer via the IcebergsXP website and receive a free update.

For future versions, openVFR continues to work on an almost closed ice sheet. Initial tests have already been successful, but they did not yet meet all the requirements. First screenshots can be seen on the website or on the Facebook page of IcebergsXP.

More information can be found on their website: or check it out their Facebook page: